The text of observational and experimental articles should be divided into sections with the following headings: Corresponding authors who are members of ASN will be billed: For review purposes references will be copied from the manuscript file into the submission system and linked to the online source of the cited abstract or article. A health research reporting checklist must be included with the submission of every research manuscript. To prevent conflicts of interest from arising during the peer review process, the AJCN requires individuals who are asked to review a manuscript to decline the solicitation if they have a possible conflict of interest. Describe the methods for, and success of, any masking blinding of observations.

Email alerts New issue alert. Place explanatory matter in footnotes, not in the heading or table title. Since the authenticity of subcultures of culture collection specimens that are distributed by individuals cannot be ensured, authors should indicate laboratory strain designations and donor sources as well as original culture collection identification numbers. Abstract A properly constructed and informative abstract is helpful for the initial editorial review of the submitted manuscript. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. Members will be required to enter their member number in order to receive the discount. The AJCN welcomes queries about the publication of supplements.

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Keywords for reviewer searches should include the terms most fundamental to your manuscript, and may differ from your list of keywords for publication. An article with corporate collective authorship must specify the key persons responsible for the article; others contributing to the work should be recognized separately. Submit manuscript text, including figure legends and sjcn, in a Word file; tables must be included in the text file; do not submit tables in separate files.


Social policy issues in the introduction of food to infants: Requesting a fee waiver Waivers should be requested when the acceptance letter cver received or when author proofs are returned. Sign In Forgot password?

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Conflict of interest Authors must disclose on the title page or in the Acknowledgment section any possible conflicts of interest. Because Cochrane assessments are now readily available on the web via PubMed, AJCN no longer considers it necessary to disseminate them by secondary publication in the Journal.

If authors must use a name that does not have standing in nomenclature, the name should be enclosed in quotation marks in the title, when appropriate, and at its first use in the abstract and the text. Please contact the Ahcn Office for transfer information. Papers will be screened for similarity to previously published papers using iThenticate.

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Avoid nontechnical uses of technical statistical terms, such as random which implies a randomizing devicenormal, significant, leter, sample, and parameter. Number tables consecutively with Arabic numerals do not use 1A, 1B, etc and supply a brief descriptive title for each. Email alerts New issue alert. The introduction should be limited to 1. Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission from everyone so cited and for providing to the Editor a copy of the permission, if requested.

Reply to letter by Cunningham Harry M Shizgal. Explain internal scale and identify the method of staining in photomicrographs. Use active voice whenever possible. American Society for Nutrition members Sign in via society site. Reduced risk of neonatal respiratory infections among breastfed girls but not boys.


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The first appearance in a horizontal row determines the order of the footnotes. Figures Cite each figure in consecutive order in the text. Correcting Proofs Contact the Production Office with any change in e-mail address from the time the manuscript was submitted.

Summary of Requirements Each manuscript component should begin on a new page in the following sequence: Infants of low birth weight: Modern nutrition in health and disease.

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Except for documents in the public domain, permission is required from the copyright holder, regardless of authorship or publisher. Unpublished observations and personal communications written, not oral may not be used as references but may be inserted in parentheses with the names of the responsible researchers and the year of the observation or communication. Include the implications of the findings and their limitations and relate the observations to other relevant studies.

It is rarely necessary to cite more than 50 references in an original research article. The AJCN uses a 2-part acceptance process for supplements. If a table contains only one abbreviated term, then a separate footnote placed after that abbreviation should be used to define that term. Furthermore, we refer the author to established approaches for dealing with such circumstances: State new hypotheses and recommendations when warranted by the results and label them clearly as such.