However, it is noteworthy that the effect of each of these variables two variables reinforce each other. According to Gussenhoven, intonational meaning is both language-specific and universal. The second is that speech production 3 To give a complete picture of the nature of phonetic implementation in general, it should be noted that in itself, the phonetic implementation is not universal: Linguistic form-meaning relations frequently mimic paralinguistic ones, as when a rising contour or a high boundary tone signals yes-no questions and a falling contour or a low boundary tone signals statements. Very special thanks go to Frauke Hellwig, who worked through many nights to beautify the final version of the manuscript before it was rushed to the publisher.

This is referred to as grammaticalisation of paralinguistic form-meaning relations. In tones-based analyses, the meaning of the pitch contour is assumed to be compositionally derivable from the meanings of its parts. The form-meaning relations here are assumed to be gradient, i. Greater articulatory effort tends to lead to greater articulatory precision de Jong At first sight, it also goes against the working hypothesis of our investigation that the form-function relations between pitch variation and meaning are reflections of biological codes, since these codes imply that the form-meaning relations derived from them are universally recognised. Niels Taatgen, Artificial Intelligence; prof.

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For example, when using the Effort Code to signal a higher degree of surprise, the speaker does not need to expend more effort on his speech production. That is, they conform to general principles governing the form of agonistic displays across species documented in Morton Not friendly Friendly Figure 3.

For example, Ladd argued that intonational meaning is essentially language- specific and writes off cross-linguistic similarities in the use of pitch variation as variants of sound symbolism. There have been no documented differences in intonation or standard pitch range between the varieties of Dutch spoken in these two provinces and Standard Dutch. He distinguished two types of paralinguistic intonational meaning.

Thus, data of 25 Dutch subjects 11 men and 14 women and 25 British English subjects 7 men and 18 women were selected for statistical analyses. He took maximum linguistic normalcy to apply to morphemes generally. A rise-fall-terminal glide contour with a low onset was superimposed on each stimulus. Three types of hypothetical language-specificity in the perception of paralinguistic intonational meanings deriving from the biological codes.


Their task was to judge which of the two renditions sounded better in terms of how the two clauses in each rendition were intonationally connected, and indicate the degree to which this was the case on a seven-point scale -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3. Pitch span variation will be employed to a less extent, because increases in pitch span leave low pitches unaffected, or may lower them even further.

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Turning to Dutch question intonation, it has been suggested that a number of intonational properties are systematically used to distinguish questions from statements, including a higher beginning, a final rise, and a higher register in addition to a higher nuclear accent peak and absence of declination see Haan The exploitation of the connection between pitch and the size of the vocalizer is identified as the Frequency Code Ohala The story is too LONG.

Many other people in the Faculty of Arts at Radboud University Nijmegen have helped to make my work much easier and enjoyable. Each of the five peak height values was then combined with each of the three end pitch values, resulting in 15 combinations of peak height and end pitch. Peak Height increases from level 1 to level 5.

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We look forward to welcoming you in Utrecht! To reduce the effects of local f0 perturbations, the second C was filled with a sonorant and the V positions were filled with [-high] vowels in each utterance. As shown by our results for British English and Dutch, all the three type of language-specificity we proposed a priori appear to exist. Summary and Conclusions The work reported here concerned an investigation of the way in which two languages implement postulated universal paralinguistic form-function relations embodied in two biological codes, Ohala’s Frequency Code Ohalaand Gussenhoven’s Effort Code The stars indicate that the tones are associated with the accented syllables on the segmental tier.


He teaches ethics and has published about the Stapel Affair. The contour that has the highest mean score across different sentences will be considered the preferred one.

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This led both Harris and Labovitz to quite categorical statements on this matter. This PhD project focuses on a topic of high societal relevance; staying mobile in the aged population. Analysis of variance was adopted in the present study because a log linear analysis requires data to meet the assumption of independence i. For example, English is said to typically use a fall-rise contour but German a rising contour to signal continuation between sentence constituents Delattre Furthermore, you will liaise with other postdoctoral fellows in companion projects curricylum variability in language learning and the biological bases of language skills.

These filler stimuli consisted of four sub-sets, the steep rise set, the gradual rise set, the high onset-steep rise set and the high onset-gradual rise set.


Aspects that are left out of consideration in the review are experimental studies on intonational meaning and cross-cultural investigations on the recognition of emotions. For example, it is well established that British English has a significantly wider standard pitch range than Dutch Willemsde Pijper To further determine whether the difference between the two groups of listeners was significant at levels 2, 4, 5 and 5, simple contrasts were obtained for Peak Height, for which level 1 was used as the control category.

We will test the hypothesis that a gap in distribution is the default criterion used in the processing of vague words in classificatory tasks, but that other criteria formklier also come into play. This use of intonation is generally known as the linguistic signalling of intonation.